If you are a regular visitor to this site you might have noticed that there haven’t been any new episode postings in quite some time.  Oddly enough this has nothing to do with the fact that I haven’t produced any new episodes.  I have.  I’ve just been posting them to another site.

See, a few months ago former guest of the show and friend Chris Johnson pointed out that one of the pages of this site has become infected with some kind of malware.  I tried to fix it but nothing seemed to work so between that and some other issues I’ve been having with the site as of late I moved the home base for the show over to the original blog and adjusted the url redirect accordingly.  It occurred to me that some of might still have this site saved under your bookmarks and favorites so here is the official heads up that I have moved and you should adjust your bookmarks and favorites accordingly.


I am still in a rebuilding phase over there but hope to be done with that soon.

So…yeah.  New site.  Show is still alive.  Hope this clears that up.


Episode 217

Episode 217 – The “Lost” Flash Season One Episode

Another “lost” episode, which isn’t technically lost (because I knew where it was) but at the same time it was not released when it was originally supposed to be released.

This time out semi-regular co-host Thomas Deja (he of Better In The Dark and Damn Your Eyes Damn Your Ears and author of fine pulp publications like Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell fame) joins me to talk about the front half of the first season of CW’s The Flash.  We both loved the show and had quite a bit to say about it.

Topics discussed are:

  • Where each of us discovered the Flash.
  • Why I was really looking forward to the CW Flash series.
  • A little Mike Grell Green Arrow talk.
  • Why The Flash did Easter eggs better than Gotham did.
  • Hopes for a Wedding dress and Go-Go boots.
  • Rogue talk.
  • Why Grant Gustin is fantastic as Barry Allen.
  • Joe West.  Because he’s awesome.
  • How the show is nailing being inclusive without beating us over the head with it.
  • The problem with Iris.
  • The misconception of Iris.
  • Obscure villains we would like to see.
  • Harrison Wells.
  • Hopelessly outdated theories on who the Reverse Flash is.
  • The nods to the 1990-91 series.
  • What villains we would like to see in the future.

Despite this conversation being totally out of date I wanted to release because it was a lot of fun.  It was interesting to hear what we were right about and what we got totally wrong.  Be sure to follow the links above to check out Thomas Deja’s other awesome work.

Next Time: Something from DragonCon.  Not sure exactly what but something from DragonCon.


Episode 216

Episode 216 – Batman “vs” Superman Talk

As some of you know I used to do a bunch of podcasts all at once and while that sort of thing is fun it can get away from you in a hurry.  Between the New Year and being in something of a transitional period career wise I’ve been reflecting on what has and hasn’t worked for me in my podcasting career.  I came to the conclusion that I would rather do fewer shows right and release them consistently than do a bunch of shows haphazardly and not be anywhere near regular.  To that end I am closing the doors on a show I did sporadically called Bailey’s Batman Podcast and will focus my attention on Views From The Longbox and From Crisis to Crisis.

(For those curious what this means for Tales of the Justice Society of America take heart; that show will return when Scott and I can get our schedules to match up.)

 The thing is I had a handful of episodes of Bailey’s Batman Podcast in the can and waiting to be edited.  What was I going to do with them?  The answer was simple; edit them as episodes of Views and that is how we got this week’s episode.  A few months back Donovan Morgan Grant (he of the The Comic Book Film Revue Podcast and formerly of The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast as well as writing reviews for The Batman Universe ) and I sat down and had a conversation that was ostensibly about the then recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and turned into a pretty fun conversation about the state of Batman and Superman in film and fandom.  Topics covered include:

  • Reactions to the first Batman v Superman teaser trailer
  • Why I refused to see the most recent Fantastic Four film.
  • Reactions to the Comi-Con Batman v Superman trailer.
  • Scott Synder on Superman.
  • Why Greg Capullo is awesome.
  • DC’s 2 million dollar loss.
  • Why the Bat creators earned their “robo” Batman story.
  • What the early 2000’s will be remembered for.
  • Why Batman isn’t a Marvel character.
  • The differences between Marvel and DC.
  • Why no one has gotten Batman exactly right for me personally.
  • Why Batman #416 is one of the best Batman stories ever.
  • Jason Todd’s place in Batman’s story.

I’d like to thank Don for not only coming out to play, so to speak, but also being cool with the fact that not only did this take way too long to come out but also for it not being on the show he agreed to do.  I will have to get him on Views at some point in the future so he can do a proper origin story, which is something I like all of my guests to do when they guest here for the first time.

Next Time: A year late but still fun episode about the first half of the first season of The Flash with special guest Thomas Deja.


Episode 215

Episode 215: Origins of Marvel Comics

Sometimes the right co-host comes along for the right episode.  Right around the time I found my copy of Origin of Marvel Comics I was talking with my friend Paul Spataro (you know Paul…co-host of Back to the Bins and Avengers Inspirations as well as Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast) and he mentioned how much this book meant to him.  That was enough for me.  Paul was nice enough to sit down with me for a few hours and go through this landmark trade paperback.  Topics include:

  • Stan Lee and his place in fandom.
  • The importance of the Fantastic Four to Marvel and comics.
  • Why Ben Grimm is awesome.
  • Why I love the Incredible Hulk so much.
  • Herb Trimpe’s art.
  • Why Peter David was so important to the Hulk.
  • The different artists Spider-Man has had over the years.
  • What did and didn’t work about the Amazing Spider-Man films.
  • The moment I realized how pervasive Todd McFarlane’s art had become.
  • Why I like Thor but hate his origin issue.
  • How the abilities Thor’s hammer had in the beginning were ridiculous.
  • Why I love the first Thor film so much.
  • The moment I “got” Steve Ditko.
  • Why the first appearance of Dr. Strange reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone.
  • Why Dr. Strange’s origin doesn’t need much tweaking for the upcoming movie.

I’d like to thank Paul for coming on the show.  We had a great time and you can bet that at some point in the future we will be covering Sons of Origins of Marvel Comics.

Next Time: Depending on outside factors it could be a long, lost episode with Thomas Deja OR an episode about Superman with Bob Fisher.  Stay tuned to the Facebook page over the next week to see which it will be!


VFAGFFA- Episode 6

Episode 214 – VFAGFFA Episode VI: The Force Awakens Reviewed

Well, it’s been fun but the time has come for Views From A Galaxy Far, Far Away to end and frankly I am surprised it all came out on time.  This show hasn’t been consistent in its release schedule for years so the fact that I was able to get all of these recorded, edited and released on time is something of a minor miracle.

Being unemployed helped but you know…whatever.

Anyway, in this sixth and final episode I finally get to the inspiration for this series.  My wife and I finally got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we had some things to to say about it.  What did we like?  What didn’t we like?  Why don’t my dogs like it when I sing?  What part to gender politics and religious equality play in Star Wars? Why didn’t Han ever use Chewie’s bowcaster before?  What parts made me choke up?  All of that and more is discussed in this episode.

This episode was, for convenience’s sake, recorded on my iPhone, so while the audio isn’t terrible there are some parts that sound more tinny than the others.  I don’t think it detracts from the episode as a whole but I thought I would give y’all a heads up about it here.

Thanks as always to my wife Rachel for not only appearing on this episode but also for putting up with me on a daily basis.

Next Time: Paul Spataro stops by to talk about The Origin of Marvel Comics!


VFAGFFA- Episode 5

Episode 213 – VFAGFFA Episode V: Those Vader/Kanan Days

After four movie filled episodes I finally get back to what this podcast is supposed to cover; comic books.  Andy Leyland (of Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights, The Fantasticast and Listen to the Prophets fame) stops by and we talk about Star Wars comics in general and then get into two of the more recent series that Marvel has been publishing.  First up is the Darth Vader series, which I touched on briefly with Scott Ryfun but Andy and I get deep into the first six issues.  After the break we talk about a series that I wasn’t planning on reading but Andy said was good so I gave it a shot.  Kanan: The Last Padawan turned out to be…well, you’ll have to tune in and listen to Andy and I talk about the first five issues.  Mixed in with these conversations are a few tangents that mostly stay on point, which is good for this show.

Next Time: My lovely wife Rachel and I talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


VFAGFFA- Episode 4

Episode 212 – VFAGFFA Episode IV: The Action Figure Christmas Show

My shameless attempt to get more listeners by jumping on a popular band wagon continues this week with some holiday flare.  Christmas is just three days away so it made sense to try and tie Star Wars in that holiday without mentioning things like Life Day and Bea Arthur.  Joining me on this attempt is Tom Panarese of the awesome podcasts Pop Culture Affadavit and In Country.  Tom and I are a year apart so we have many of the same or at the very least similar memories when it comes to getting Star Wars toys for Christmas and birthdays and such.  Listen as we talk about the first pieces in our childhood collections.  Thrill as we talk about how we played with those toys both alone and with other kids.  Get all sad as we talk about how we moved on to other toy lines and ultimately stop getting toys as children altogether.  More than anything have fun at two lifelong Star Wars fans talk about the toys of their youth and how much those toys meant to them.

Next Time: Andy Leyland stops by to talk about two of the more recent Star Wars comic book series.


VFAGFFA- Episode 3Episode 211 – VFAGFFA Episode III: The Anticipation Awakens

There is an aspect of Star Wars fandom that doesn’t get the coverage that things like the Expanded Universe or how much people dislike the prequels or the action figures get.  It’s something that I feel safe in saying most Star Wars fans deal with but we don’t talk about it.

The waiting.

Joining me to discuss this rarely covered end of Star Wars is Big Honkin’ Steve.  He’s been on the show before and is one of my oldest friends in podcasting.  It would take way too long to mention all of the shows he hosts or co-hosts so I am simply going to send you here and here and you can check out the plethora of podcasting goodness that Steve kicks out on a regular basis.  For over two hours we talk about what it was like to have to wait for Return of the Jedi when we were kids and then how that waiting for the next movie changed when we became adults.

Or what passes for adults.

I mean we’re both legally considered adults but I think Steve would agree with me that with all of the toys and comics we own the term “adult” is a loose one at best.

We also geek out about what various things concerning what Star Wars meant to us growing up.  It was a great conversation and I am glad I was able to get Steve on the show.

Next Time: Episode IV of Views From A Galaxy Far, Far Away sees Tom Panarese stop by for a Christmas themed installment.


VFAGFFA- Episode 2Episode 210 – VFAGFFA Episode II: Vader, We Must Talk About Vader

I’m not going to bury the lead on this one; Darth Vader is my favorite Star Wars character.  I know he’s one of the most popular characters with fans so that seems like a pretty obvious statement but it is the truth nonetheless.  So it was a foregone conclusion that one of these episodes was going to be about him.

Joining me this time is another guy that loves him some Darth Vader.  Scott Ryfun is an award winning radio host as well as the co-host of Dinner 4 Geeks, Earning My Ears and Growing Up Star Wars and the host of the excellent interview show My Star Wars Story.  He has also forgotten more about Star Wars than I will ever hope to know, so it was great having him back on the show.  We talk about all aspects of Darth Vader starting with how he was presented in the original trilogy and then how that character changed with the prequels.  We also go into how his backstory played out in our head canon before Lucas revealed the official version of the fall of Anakin Skywalker.  We even talk about our favorite expanded universe Vader stories and Scott has a really fun story about one of his favorite pieces of merchandise.

I’d like to thank Scott for coming back to the show.  I need to find a reason to have him back on Views soon.

Next time: Savage Steve Glosson stops by to talk about our antici…

pation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


VFAGFFA- Episode 1Episode 209 – Views From a Galaxy Far, Far Away Episode I: The Favorites

Welcome to the first installment (or Episode if you will) of Views From A Galaxy Far, Far Away, my month long look at Star Wars/Shameless Tie In to The Force Awakens.  As promised I am going to be having guests all month long and first up is my good friend Scott Gardner.  In case you didn’t know Scott is one of the proprietors of the Two True Freaks podcasting network.  He has hosted or co-hosted such shows as Star Wars Monthly Monday, Star Trek Monthly Monday, Comics Monthly Monday, Commentary Monthly Monday, Back to the Bins, Tales of the Justice Society of America, It’s Superman, Death and the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke and so many more.   He’s also a huge Star Wars fan and one of my oldest friends in podcasting so it made sense that I would have him on for the first leg of this journey I am embarking on.

That journey involved us talking about my two favorite Star Wars movies ever; Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (a.ka. Episode V).  Before we get into those films we have a short talk about some of the Expanded Universe books we’ve read, which turned into a pretty fun digression.  After getting that out of our systems we launch in a spirited defense of Revenge of the Sith and an hour and a half love letter to Empire.  It’s three hours of Star Wars goodness and was a lot of fun.  I’m glad I was able to get Scott to record this episode.

Next Time: VFAGFFA continues with Scott Ryfun and I talking about my favorite Star Wars character ever!