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For some reason a number of you have expressed the desire to listen to past episodes.  I thought I would create a page that would list the episodes I produced before I moved the show to this site.  So here they are in one convenient place.


My original intention for this section was to list all of the episodes produced thus far with a brief description of what goes on in that installment.  The thing is with all of those episodes to type up it would take way too long to write all of that out so what you have here is just a list of episode links that you can either download or listen to.  If you want descriptions go to the RSS Feed because they are all written out there.

Sorry about that.

Episode 37: The Mike and Shag Show: Starman Rocks!

Episode 36: The Mike and Shag Show: The Rediscovered Country Episode

Episode 35: The @#$% Brian Michael Bendis Episode Part 2

Episode 34: The @#$% Brian Michael Bendis Episode Part 1

Episode 33: The Batman Episode

Episode 32: The Collecting Comics Episode

Episode 31: The Totally Random Episode

Episode 30: The Leap Episode

Episode 29: The Mike and Shag Show V: The Final Something or Other

Episode 28: The Anything and Everything Episode

Episode 27: The Mike/Douglas Show Episode Part 3

Episode 26: The Mike/Douglas Show Episode Part 2

Episode 25: The Mike/Douglas Episode Part 1

Episode 24: The Mike and Shag Show 4: The Quest for a Good Comic Book Movie

Episode 23: The First Annual Views From The Longbox Christmas Super-Hero Spectacular Episode

Episode 22: The Epiphany Episode

Episode 21: The Fifty Cent Box Episode

Episode 20: The Mike and Shag Forever Episode

Episode 19: The Spider-Man 3 Still Sucks Episode

Episode 18: The Halloween 2007 Episode

Episode 17: The Return of the Mike and Shag Show Episode

Episode 16: The Trade Paperback Episode

Episode 15: The ’90s Theme Songs Part 2 Episode

Episode 14: The ’90s Theme Songs Part 1 Episode

Episode 13: The Things Aren’t Looking Too Good Episode a.k.a. The Shag and Mike Show Episode

Episode 12: The Death of Superman Episode

Episode 11: The DragonCon Episode

Episode 10: The Talking Shop, Comic Shops Episode

Episode 09: The Things Aren’t Looking Too Good

Episode 08: The Filmation’s 1960’s DC Themes Episode

Episode 07: The “The First” Episode Part 2

Episode 06: The “The First” Episode Part 1

Episode 05: The Rob Liefeld Episode

Episode 04: The Transformers Episode

Episode 03: The Special Fouth of July Episode

Episode 02: The Two That Started it All Episode

Episode 01: The Merry Marvel Marching Society Episode

Episode 00: The Zero Episode Episode


From time to time I will produce mini-series or special episodes that don’t quite fit into the main show for one reason or another.  Here are those episodes.

Views From The Longbox Christmas Special 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Catharsis or Having Some Problems Here or Bitching About Superman

Special Report: Disney Buys Marvel (Featuring Your Good Buddy Chase)

Views_Logo_BatmanSix episodes in six days…that was the theory behind Bat Week.  Shag and I spent two three to four hour recording sessions getting these knocked out and I was very happy with the results.

Day One: Holy Sixties Batman…Batman

Day Two: 1989

Day Three: Batman Returns Sucked

Day Four: Batman and Robin Sucked Worse Than Batman Returns

Day Five: The Joker

Day Six: The Dark Knight Reviewed


Shag and I decided that it might be fun to do produce a mini-series where we discuss the Geoff Johns/Ethan Van Sciver series Flash: Rebirth.

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3


My friend Thomas Deja and I decided to tackle Blackest Night in a similar manner to Flash: Rebirth.

Month #1

Month #2

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