If you are a regular visitor to this site you might have noticed that there haven’t been any new episode postings in quite some time.  Oddly enough this has nothing to do with the fact that I haven’t produced any new episodes.  I have.  I’ve just been posting them to another site.

See, a few months ago former guest of the show and friend Chris Johnson pointed out that one of the pages of this site has become infected with some kind of malware.  I tried to fix it but nothing seemed to work so between that and some other issues I’ve been having with the site as of late I moved the home base for the show over to the original blog and adjusted the url redirect accordingly.  It occurred to me that some of might still have this site saved under your bookmarks and favorites so here is the official heads up that I have moved and you should adjust your bookmarks and favorites accordingly.


I am still in a rebuilding phase over there but hope to be done with that soon.

So…yeah.  New site.  Show is still alive.  Hope this clears that up.


Hey, all.  Just checking in to give you the low down on the delay of the rest of episode 100 and a few other things.

Here’s the deal; between work and my other online adventures I have become pretty overwhelmed and I take complete and total responsibility for that.  I just kept piling things on as they came and it’s been fun but it has also stretched me pretty far.  Add to that my day job, which has been fairly stressful lately, and I have gotten behind on a lot of things.

So for those that enjoy the show and that liked having Views on a regular schedule I am sorry.  Mea culpa.  It’s my fault.

So now that I know what the problem is I am going to work on fixing it.  I am not giving up any of the podcasts that I do nor do I want to give up any of my review responsibilities so the easiest thing to do is get more organized and keep on track.  Now that I am past the 13 part series the show should be a little more laid back, especially since I will be having a good number of guest hosts in the coming months.

That should solve the problem.

Speaking of problems I talked on the show about switching the iTunes and RSS feed so I can track the number of downloads each episode gets as they come out.  I went about doing this and discovered that when it comes to typing xml code I am fairly good at hosting a podcast.  Holy crap were there a bunch of errors, which is probably why certain episodes weren’t showing up on the main iTunes page.  So I call double dumb ass on me.  They are fixed now, as are a few errors that the From Crisis to Crisis xml code had.  So in a week or so I will have all of that set and will give out the info so that everyone can re-subscribe and I can now track how many people are downloading and subscribing to the show.

Expect the episodes in a few days.  I am halfway through editing the second part of episode 100 and things are on track for the show after that.  Basically there will be one more Views From Sector 666 and then episode 101.

Thanks for listening, everyone.  I do appreciate it.


All right, here is why there will be no episode of Views this week and why I am a complete and utter moron.

So last Saturday I recorded at Titans.  Fun time.  Talked with a bunch of the guys and everything.  Sat on the audio for nearly a week and started cutting the episode last night.  I use Audacity for this purpose and what I have found is that the sound quality is much better if I open two different Audacity files and cut and paste from one to the other.  This was working out just fine and dandy, dandy and fine until I went to encode the episode.  For some reason the audio would just disappear about two seconds into each section.  I scratched my head, played around with it and then got frustrated and went to bed.

Two seconds before I fell asleep the problem revealed itself.  While I was editing I was cleaning up my Works In Progress folder and deleting stuff to get rid of the horrendously large files that make up the raw audio for the show.  It occurred to me that because I deleted the Audacity files that made up the different section of the episode that the audio just wouldn’t be there for the final product.  But that wasn’t the problem.

The problem is that I also deleted the wav files of the raw audio.  They are gone.  I recorded them on my wife’s laptop and erased them there and then erased the files off of my thumb drive to keep that free and clean.  So the first two parts are not on the original laptop, they aren’t on the tumb drive and I’m the dumb ass that erased them off of old MacDuff here.

I.  Am.  A.  Moron.

I nearly cried this morning.  All of that work was gone but more than that a bunch of guys took time out of their busy Saturday to sit down and talk with me and I freaking botched it.  There is still about an hour and a half worth of audio left from the back half of the day but there was some good stuff at the beginning of the day and now it is gone.

Damn it all to hell.

So there will be no Views this week because your humble host is an idiot.  At some point I will cut the rest of the episode together and release it, probably in a week or two.  For now I am going to work on some other things that need to get done and not be a moron.

There will be an episode next week.  I am working on the notes right now as a matter of fact.  The week after that I’ll probably put out the FCBD episode mainly because I still have it and also because Jesse, Pete, Chip and Hodges all stuck around for the long haul.  Special apologies to Garrett, who was there at the beginning and brought a lot to the episode and because I apparently am the first generation of my family walking upright that is now gone.  I have plans to head back to Titans on a Wednesday, probably in June, to get the guys together and make it up to them.

Sorry, everyone.  I’ll try to not have this happen again.


Episode 76: The Better Half

This week I am joined by the single most important person in my life.  Her name is Rachel and for some odd reason she saw fit to date and then marry me and has been fairly happy with that arrangement for nearly a decade now.  Rachel is on the show this week to not only discuss what it is like being married to a comic book fan but also to talk about Anita Blake and eventually the DC Vertigo series FablesFables, Jack of Fables and the Anita Blake limited series are the only books Rachel reads so she seemed like a good choice for a guest host this week .

During the show Rachel mentions that one of the first comics she read was Origin, the Paul Jenkins fueled story of Wolverine’s past.  At the time this comic was published Rachel didn’t read any comics at all so the fact that my then girlfriend was finally reading one sparked me to take a picture.  I apologize for the quality of this image.  At the time we did not have a digital camera so this is a photo that has been sitting in a box for about seven or so years now.

Too bad that series ended poorly.

As usual if you want to contact me you can do so by e-mailing me here.  You can also visit the Views From The Longbox Forum, which is proud to be a Friend of Geek Out Loud.  If you are on Facebook, which seems to be just about everyone I have ever known, you can join the Views From The Longbox Corps.  Also a quick reminder because I promised them I would this show is sponsored by In Stock Trades, so if you are looking for a trade or hardcover use them because not only do they have trades and hardcovers at up to 37% off and free shipping with orders over $50 but they support me, so by supporting them you are supporting me.

Next week…I have no idea.  I really have nothing planned for the first time in months.  There are a few people I need to get together with to record but I have no firm dates set.  It may be about Watchmen since people are asking.  In any case have a nice week, y’all.


No new episode this week. 

I could be cagey about it and say that we’ve had a family emergency or a death in the family, but I am pretty upfront with you guys so I’ll tell you that my paternal grandfather passed away last night and I do not feel like putting an episode together.

So come back next week for a new episode because I have about four weeks woth of shows that have been recorded and that’s just the beginning. 

In the next few days I’ll post some Dragon*Con memories.  I didn’t get a chance to post from the con because:

1. They wanted $15 a night and money was tight this year.

2. I forgot the power cord for my lap top.

So yeah, screwed either way there.  But after I get the personal stuff taken care of I am rested and ready to go.

More to follow…


Well Back to School is over or so it seems.

As I mentioned in the previous post (at least I think I did, the last week or so is kind of a blur) work has been a bear over the past two to three weeks.  Back to School it is called.  A time when the parents in this area go out of their minds trying to buy school supplies for their children and generally grumble and complain about it.  It comes in several stages and thanks to a promotion the last one was long, busy and required me to be at work more than I usually am.

But it’s over, so that’s good.  There will still be some rumblings and a few stragglers but on the whole it’s over.

So Views should be back on track.  I have an episode for this week which I will make a post for as soon as some technical gaffs are taken care of. 

Thanks to all of those that are hanging in there and stay tuned because next week is going to be pretty exciting.

Or maybe it won’t, but I think it’ll be exciting.


I am going to be honest with you.

I have worked eleven days in a row.  Work has been hell beyond that.  It’s just busy and I haven’t had time to devote to this show.

Starting next week things should go back to normal, but I wanted to give y’all a heads up.

I have some big plans for the rest of the month and if I can pull it off it will be pretty neat.

More to follow…


I’m sick again.  I have the rest of the interview with Keith Dallas on my hard drive but I really don’t feel like putting it together this week.

Yeah, I know.  I suck.

But, next week we have the rest of the Keith Dallas interview and if I can get off my ass I’ll even post a review of Iron Man (which I finally got to see) and assorted other odds and ends.

Sorry about the delay, but in all honesty I really need the rest given how my personal life has been the height of stress and sickness lately.