Views From Sector 666 Episode 1

You would think that a guy that for some reason can’t keep a regular schedule wouldn’t want to start another “mini-series” but here we are with Views From Sector 666, my attempt to discuss Blackest Night month by month.  Joining me for this madcap journey into the zombie apocalypse for the DCU is my good friend Thomas Deja, host of DJ’s Comics Cavalcade and co-host of the addictive Better in the Dark.  Thomas has been on the show with me before discussing Green Lantern and it seemed like he was a good choice to discuss an event that stems from the Green Lantern titles.  Hopefully Shag will be with us next month when we do this but this thing came together with little to no notice so I didn’t have a chance to coordinate things as I normally would.

So this month we give a brief and horrendously inadequate break down on the lead up to Blackest Night before getting into Green Lantern #43, Blackest Night #1, Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps issues 1 thru 3 and Green Lantern #44.  Amidst the “serious discussion” are about sixteen hundred tangents that amused us greatly.  I also do the world’s worst impression of Dan DiDio.  I mean it was awful.  Really, really bad.  I was thinking of cutting the majority of our tangents but they made me chuckle while editing and Views is all about tangents.

During the episode I mention John Ostrander and his battle with glaucoma.  John Ostrander is one of the best writers that the comic book business has ever seen.  Suicide SquadFirestormManhunterThe SpectreThe Kents.  These are all some of the best comics I have ever read and if he loses this battle he loses his site.  Check out the site Comix4sight and see how you can help.  If all you can spare is a dollar that’s fine but try to give something because John deserves it.

Next month: Blackest Night #2,  Green Lantern #45, Green Lantern Corps #39, Blackest Night: Superman #1, Blackest Night: Batman #1 and Blackest Night: Titans #1.  Thomas will return and hopefully I can get Shag on too.

Also check out the podcasts Thomas either hosts or co-hosts because they…are…awesome.


Episode 69: Wednesday at Titans Part 2

Do you have a comic shop that you go to?  A place where you can just go and hang out for a little while and chat with the guys and gals working there as well as your fellow patrons?  Well if you do then this week’s and next week’s episode will seem kind of familiar.  If you’re not familiar then this is a taste of what that sort of thing is like  In either case I finally got my act together and recorded an episode of the show on location at Titan Games and Comics in College Park, GA.  This week more people enter the fray and the conversation gets more…interesting.  Sadly things are changing at Titans so I am really glad I got this episode in when I did.  More on that at a later date.

I have been rather ill this week and I had a few other commitments to get done, so I had no time to go through my Official Marvel Zombie application.  I’ll try to get to that next week.

As always, you can e-mail using the handy link to your right.  I also welcome comments and questions either here or at the Official Views From The Longbox Forums, a proud member of the Geek Out Loud forums.  Also leave me a review at iTunes via the other handy link to your right.

Thanks everyone.  See you next week.


Episode 65: God Will Probably Sit This One Out Too

Another week, another solo episode.  This one is very late, but I wanted to get it out anyway.  The subject this week is the Punisher.  I go through some random thoughts on the character before tackling two books I got out of Titan Games and Comics dollar box; The Punisher Movie Special and The Punisher: A Man Called Frank.  I also have a few e-mails to go through this week in addition to some shout outs and announcements.

One of those announcements is that Views now has some forum space thanks to my buddy Big Honkin’ Steve.  Head on over to the Geek Out Loud Forums, scroll down slightly and there you are.  Start threads, comment on threads already started but more than anything have a good time with it.  I am planning to use this area a lot, so come and let your voice be heard about the show.


The Punisher Archive: A very details Punisher site.  I frequently use this as a resource for the character.

Marvel’s Punisher Entry: Marvel’s online handbook entry.


Episode 64: Tales From The Dollar Box: Flying Blind on a Motorcycle

I’m flying solo for the first time in two months this week and while the plan was to only go about a half hour with some listener e-mail after that things did not go as planned.  It was fun though, so there’s that.  This week I talk about the 1992 storyline Rise of the Midnight Sons, which saw the Ghost Rider of that era team with the Ghost Rider of the seventies for their “epic” battle against Lilith.  Along the way they team up with and/or fight Morbius the Living Vampire, the Nightstalkers and one of the worst comics of all time, Darkhold.  Before that I tell you about my broken glasses, ask you to take part in an experiment and go through a little of the history of Ghost Rider as a concept.  After the “main feature” I go through a stack of reader e-mail.  All of this in an hour and change.

If you have any particular thoughts about this episode or the books I discuss feel free to comment here or write me directly at


The Grand Comic Database: I mention it on the show.  It’s part of the experiment.  Check it out if you haven’t yet.


Episode 61: A Year Three Place of Dying

Welcome back for Part 2 of my conversation with Shag on some of the Batman books from 1989.  This time out we go through two Marv Wolfman written Batman tales; Batman: Year Three and A Lonely Place of Dying.  We cover a lot of ground this time out and it is a pretty packed episode as we cover the writing, art and characters of both stories.

The cover you see at the top of this post is from from my trade of A Lonely Place of Dying.  That is Marv Wolfman’s signature on the cover.  I had the chance to meet him twice at two different DragonCons and I am really pleased to have this book signed.

Did I bring it back the next year to get it signed by George Perez?  No.  Why?  Because I am a moron.


Here are the links to the podcasts and blogs mentioned in this week’s episode.  We go into why we like them in the episode so here are some straight up links.

Come back on Friday for the second part of our conversation where we tackle Batman: Year Three and A Lonely Place of Dying.


Well Back to School is over or so it seems.

As I mentioned in the previous post (at least I think I did, the last week or so is kind of a blur) work has been a bear over the past two to three weeks.  Back to School it is called.  A time when the parents in this area go out of their minds trying to buy school supplies for their children and generally grumble and complain about it.  It comes in several stages and thanks to a promotion the last one was long, busy and required me to be at work more than I usually am.

But it’s over, so that’s good.  There will still be some rumblings and a few stragglers but on the whole it’s over.

So Views should be back on track.  I have an episode for this week which I will make a post for as soon as some technical gaffs are taken care of. 

Thanks to all of those that are hanging in there and stay tuned because next week is going to be pretty exciting.

Or maybe it won’t, but I think it’ll be exciting.


Batman Gotham Trade

Episode 38: Views From The Longbox By Gaslight

Back after a week off because he was under the weather Michael discusses DC’s Elseworlds as a concept as well as what many people consider the first Elseworlds tale; Gotham By Gaslight. Before that, though, you’ll hear about Michael’s distrust of a certain portion of the medical community and why he likes Sebastian Bach. The show clocks in at about twenty-five minutes this time out but still manages to stay as unimpressive as ever. Also, the language is pretty tame this week, so it should be safe for work listening. Unless you think the word “ass” is profanity. Then you might want to put on the headphones.

Here are the original covers to Gotham By Gaslight and Master of the Future.

Gotham By Gaslight

Master of the Future

As much as I like the first one there is something amazing about that second one.  It has a great use of negative space.  Because I no longer own the originals I had to swipe these from the Grand Comic Database.

And that’s it for this week.  Y’all come back now, ya heah?