Episode 130: DragonCon 2011 Prologue

Hey, all and welcome back to Views From The Longbox.  After a several month hiatus I have returned with the first part in a series of episodes detailing my recent experiences at the 2011 DragonCon.  In past years I have brought along my digital recorder to pick up audio at the con.  This year because we were staying in town and because I have this awesome new microphone I decided to bring the laptop and the previously mentioned awesome microphone and record in the room.  The result; four fully recorded episodes detailing the con pretty much as it happened.  In this Prologue episode Rachel (my wife, for those new to the show) and I spend some time in the room talking about the hotel room we were staying in and stuff we hope to see and do at the Con.

Next time: DragonCon…Day 1

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