Episode 135: Happy Birthday, Spider-Man Part 3 – The British Invasion Begins

My full on, four alarm, all hands on deck celebration of Spider-Man’s 50th Anniversary continues this week as I host a visitor from across the pond.  Andrew Leyland, the co-host of Hey Kids, Comics (with his son Micheal) and the Fantasticast (with Stephen Lacey), has joined me for a conversation about Spider-Man’s 30th Anniversary that was so epic, so awesome, so freaking long that I had to split it into two parts.  Why so long?  Well, there are four books to cover but beyond that Andy and I spend an hour of this episode talking about how he got into comics and about the Amazing Spider-Man audio drama produced for the BBC by Dirk Maggs in 1995.  It is rare to stumble across someone that has actually heard of that audio play much less listened to it so I couldn’t pass up a chance to talk about it with Andy and play a bunch of clips.  After the break we begin our examination for the four foil covered anniversary issues that Marvel released during 1992 with Web of Spider-Man #90.   It’s a fun issue even though I am not a fan of the story’s villain.

I want to thank Andy for coming on to the show and suggest that you check out his various podcasts via the links above.

During the early part of the episode I mention a video with Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly.  Here is that video.


Next time: I wrap things up with Andy and something weird may happen.  I don’t know what.  I just have a feeling.


  1. The British are coming!The British are coming!Well this time it’s a good thing.I really enjoyed listening to this episode with Michael and Andrew,who is quickly rising among the ranks of THE best pod-casters in the world.I enjoy listening to Hey Kid’s comics,and Fantasticast podcasts,so I knew that this would be a very enjoyable episode.Can’t wait for part 2.

  2. Dan Gilvezan was the voice of Spider-Man in “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.” He was also the voice of Bumblebee on “The Transformers.”

  3. Wow, Thanks Chris. Personally I think one of the best Podcasters in the business was on this show, but I won’t mention his name in case it goes to his head 🙂

  4. Someone mention my name?

    Just kidding.

    Thanks for the info, Mike. I do appreciate it.

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