Superman at 75 Background AEpisode 170: Superman From The ’30s To The ’70s Part 1

Superman at 75: The Celebration of a Legend continues with the first in a two part series looking at Superman: From The ’30s To The ’80s, a hardcover collection of Superman comics that came out in 1983.  It’s an amazing set of books with stories that hit a lot of the major beats of the Man of Steel’s history up until that time period.  Joining me is Charlie Niemeyer, the host of Superman in the Bronze Age, Charlie’s Geekcast and co-host of The Starman Observatory (along with Jon Wilson and J. David Weter).  Charlie has a special connection to this book as it was his first exposure to the comic book adventures of Superman, which struck a chord with me because my first exposure to those adventures came with this book’s predecessor Superman: From The ’30s To The ’70s so I thought it would be fun to have Charlie on so we could not only talk about the stories in this book but compare and contrast the eighties volume with the seventies volume.  Along the way we discover what liars the people that typed up the table of contents were and unlock a mystery absolutely no one with the possible exception of Jon M. Wilson (who hosts Golden Age Superman, which should be self-explanatory when it comes to subject matter) or Michael Bradley (host of The Thrilling Adventures of Superman, another Golden Age show) cared about.  There’s even a Newsies reference because…come on…it’s me.  Be sure to check out Charlie’s other shows via the links above and stay tuned because…

Next Time: Charlie comes back for the second part of this series where we look at the books from the fifties, sixties and seventies!


Episode 169Episode 169: Mr. Luthor…Mr. Luthor…I’m Sorry

This time out I am running solo to continue my Superman at 75: The Celebration of Legend series.  The subject?  Why, it’s the main bad guy in the Man of Steel’s life; Lex Luthor.  Lex is my favorite of Superman’s rogues and I felt he deserved his own spotlight.  During the course of the episode I talk about his media appearances (including movies and television), his Silver and Bronze Age existence and then his Post Crisis years.  You even get to hear some commercials for Superman Peanut Butter!  Why would I talk about Superman Peanut Butter!  Because Lex was in it, that’s why!

Despite the fact that the cape is way too short the animation in this commercial is amazing.

Next time: Charlie Niemeyer of Superman In The Bronze Age stops by for the first in a series of episodes (if two episodes can be considered a series) about the fantastic hardcover collection Superman: From The ’30s to the ’80s!


Episode 168Episode 168: The Richard Rohan Interview

This time out I have a real treat for everyone.  Back in 2007 I stumbled across the solicitation for an audio adaptation of Infinite Crisis.  As I am a fan of audio dramas based on comic books it seemed like a neat idea so I ordered it.  Little did I know that I would be falling down a rabbit hole of sorts as Graphic Audio, the company that produced the adaptation, would continue to put out numerous DC and eventually Marvel related productions.  At the center of these audio dramas is Richard Rohan.  Richard not only adapts and directs many of the comic related dramas but also narrates them and appears as some of the heavy hitters of the comic book world.  Richard was nice enough to spend a little over an hour talking with me about his history as a comic book fan, how he came to work for Graphic Audio, some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into producing a full cast audio drama as well as talking about several of the productions such as Infinite Crisis, DC Universe: Trail of Time and Batman: No Man’s Land.  He also discusses some of the characters he has portrayed and how he approaches voicing Batman, the Joker and others.

Towards the end of the interview Richard talks about some of the more recent comic book related productions Graphic Audio has produced.  Be sure to check out their site to learn more about Spider-Man: Drowned in Thunder and DC Universe: Wayne of Gotham as well as the other comic book, western, sci-fi, fantasy and hard boiled action dramas Graphic Audio has put out over the years.  It is a fantastic site and I cannot recommend them enough.  For a little more on Graphic Audio check out this video.

Next time: It’s time to go back to my Superman at 75: The Celebration of a Legend series with an episode dedicated to his arch enemy Lex Luthor!


Episode 167Episode 167: Annual E-Mail Readin’ Episode

This time out I take care of an obligation that I feel really bad about not meeting.  People write e-mails to me about this show and every time I get one I read it and think, “I’ll get to this on an upcoming episode” and then never get to it on an upcoming episode.  When I started this episode I realized that it had been a solid year since I have really gotten to any e-mails and that made me feel really, really bad.  So for a little over two hours I do nothing but read and respond to e-mails because it means a lot to me that people take the time to write to me with their thoughts about the show.

Fair warning; this is an extremely raw episode.  Sure I dropped in a bunch of trailers (something else I have utterly failed at doing on this show) but other than that I talk and don’t go back to re-record when I mess up.  There are flubs, mis-reading and occasional cameos from the wife and the fur kids.  My voice also starts going out towards the end of the show, so there’s that too.  For those that like Views rough and ready…well…here’s the episode for you.

Next time: If all goes well I will have an awesome interview to share with you.

Until then take care and thanks again for caring enough to write in to my little show about comics.


Preacher Vol. 2- Until The End of the WorldEpisode 166: TC and the Chicken

Andy and Micheal Leyland (of Hey Kids Comics fame) stop by to talk about a story from one of their favorite comics ever.  In 1995 a little book called Preacher started coming out.  This Vertigo title quickly became a fan favorite thanks to the strong writing and art from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.  I discovered the series through trade paperback about ten years ago and after reading the first storyline from the second trade I fell for the book.  It is that story, All In The Family, that we are talking about in this episode.  For three hours Micheal, Andy and I talk about the history of Preacher as a series, how we discovered the book and then this very epic storyline that has everything you would want from a story and a bunch of stuff you never thought you would see in a comic.

A couple of quick heads up before we get going…

Heads Up #1: The sound quality at the beginning is not 100%.  We had some Skype issues while recording and even though it doesn’t make the show un-listenable there are some glitches at the top of the show.

Heads Up #2: I know I have an explicit tag but we really use the crap out of that in this episode.  Not only is the language a little salty there are things that happen in this comic that are not family friendly and if you think they are I am not sure I want to meet your family.  To if you listen to the show at work I would throw those headphones on.

Next time:  Listener Feedback!


While I have recorded several promos for specific series within a series for this show I have never produced a “generic” trailer for Views.  Until now.  Here, for your listening pleasure and more importantly to trade with other podcasts, is the official Views From The Longbox trailer.  It was a lot of fun to cut together.

Here’s the trailer.

Listen.  Enjoy.  Share.  Send me your trailer so I can play it.


heykidsCOVERSEpisode 165: Hey Kids…Comics!

This time out Rob Kelly is back in the “coveted” and “highly sought” after Views Guest Chair.  Rob is the webmaster of the Aquaman Shrine as well as the writer of Ace Kilroy and the co-host of the Fire and Water Podcast and the Who’s Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe (along with semi-regular co-host of this show the Irredeemable Shag). This time he is here to promote his new book Hey Kids, Comics! True-Life Tales from the Spinner Rack.  The book is a collection of essays written by the likes of Paul Kupperberg, Robert Greenberger, Erika D. Peterman, Doug Zawisza, Marc Tyler Nobleman, J.M. DeMatteis and many others all about their love of comic books.  Rob tells me how the book came about, the long road to publication and we even touch on some of the essays themselves.

If you would like to buy a copy of the book head on over to the Aquaman Shrine.  There is a link on the side bar that takes you directly to Amazon so you can purchase your copy.  When you’re done be sure to leave a review of the book!

Next Time: Andy and Micheal Leyland drop by to talk about the hit Vertigo book Preacher.


DragonConLogoEpisode 164: DragonCon 2013

It’s out later than I wanted it to but here is my DragonCon2013 episode.  I recorded this on the Sunday morning of the con, which explains why I sound so tired at the beginning of the episode.  This is a rambling affair as I had no notes or no clear idea what I wanted to talk about.  To be honest this was one of the stranger DragonCon in the decade or so since I have been attending and I think this episode reflects that.  Still, I manage to actually talk about a few things including why the dealers’ rooms sucked so hard they had their own event horizon, why I like to talk to fans that have an older perspective than I do, the joys of a Willy Jacks breakfast burrito and why fandom really hasn’t changed all that much in the past few…decades.

Next time: Rob Kelly stops by to talk about his new book Hey Kids, Comics!


JoyEpisode 163: Mike and Shag Find Their Joy!

This time out my semi-regular co-host (the Irredeemable) Shag (you know, the co-host of the Fire and Water Podcast and the head fan in charge of Firestorm Fan) joins me to talk about…well, finding your joy.  No, not the dish washing detergent because you can find that at just about any super market.  This joy is more personal and isn’t lemon scented.  On a recent (at the time of this writing anyway) episode of Fire and Water Shag and his co-host Rob Kelly (he of the Aquaman Shrine and Ace Kilroy and former guest of the show as well) talked about being an…experienced (because that sounds better than older) comic book fan and Shag put forward the theory of finding your comic book joy.  We continue that conversation for a bit and talk about where we are as comic book fans pushing middle age.  Then we look at the cover date of October from the years 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2004 and talk about the books we bought at the time and then the books we bought later.  It’s a fun two hours where two…advanced (in years) comic book fans talk about reconnecting with the thing that brought them into the hobby in the first place.

If you want to see the covers to the comics we talk about check out the links above.  Thanks as always to Mike of Mike’s Amazing World of Comics for doing what he does!

Next time: E-Mails!  Messages!  Random Thoughts!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEpisode 162: Superman IV: The Commentary For Peace

This time out I am not only continuing my Superman at 75: The Celebration of a Legend series but I am also continuing my commentaries for the Christopher Reeve Superman films but with slight twist.  Actually two twists.  The first twist is that I am going out of order and doing a commentary for Superman IV: The Quest For Peace before I do a commentary on Superman III.  The other twist is that I have a guest with me!  Joining me is Scott Gardner of Two True Freaks fame.  Scott has been on the show before and we’ve talked about Superman before but this episode is a bit different.  Most people like to rip this film apart or at the very least try to tell you how bad it is.  While Scott and I certainly recognize the flaws this movie has we also feel that someone needs to speak to the positive qualities it also possesses.  The commentary gets a little…PG-13 as far as the language goes but a good time is had by all.  So sit back, fire up the DVD player and give Superman IV another shot.

I’d like to thank Scott for coming on the show and making this a fun commentary to record!  He is welcome back any time…as long as the check clears that is.

Next time:  No clue.  I have a few ideas.  Stay tuned.