GI Joe
Episode 196: DragonCon 2014 Panel – Yo Joe!

This time out I conclude my series containing the audio from the various panels I was on at the 2014  DragonCon.  The subject?  G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  This panel took place on the last day of con, which was September 1, 2014.  I was lucky enough to be part of a great group of Joe fans including track director Joe Crowe (one of the directors of the American Sci-Fi Classic track at DragonCon and high muckity muck at RevolutionsSF), Noel Wood (who is part of some kind of podcast but I cannot find the info on it but man is he an awesome G.I. Joe cosplayer), Will Price (of the Shauncastic podcast) and Jonathan Williams (of the Wrestling With Pop Culture website).  Gary Mitchel also makes a brief appearance right there at the end.

The panel was primarily about the 1980’s version of G.I. Joe and we cover a good bit of ground.  The toys are discussed.  The cartoons are discussed.  Favorite characters are discussed.  Joe learns about the Viper episode.  Things get silly.  Things get deep.  There’s even a musical number right there at the end.  All in all it was a fun celebration and I want to thank Gary and Joe once again for asking me to be a part of it.

During the course of the panel I mentioned a fan vid of the opening to the animated G.I. Joe: The Movie set to Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”  A few years back I was a guest Geek Out Loud where Big Honkin’ Steve and I talked G.I. Joe.  During the course of that episode I talked about how I wanted to see the opening to the animated movie set to that Toby Keith song.  Someone went out and did it.  I don’t know if this is that exact video but I do know that at one point there was a version that attributed the idea to Geek Out Loud.

Next Time: Trentus Magnus and I get together to talk about a classic Superman imaginary story.


Marvel Movies

Episode 195: From Howard to Hasselhoff, A Marvel Movie Panel

Hey, it’s another panel from 2014’s DragonCon!

Thanks to the very awesome Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchel I was on another American Sci-Fi Classics panel!  This time out the subject was Marvel movies, but not the more recent ones.  No, on Sunday night a bunch of us took to the stage to extoll the virtues and…not virtues of the many television and handful of theatrical Marvel live action productions.  From The Incredible Hulk to the two Captain America pilots to the Dr. Strange pilot to Howard The Duck to The Punisher to the Amazing Spider-Man to Nick Fury and everything in between.  If it was live action and it was Marvel and it was before 1998 we at least touched on it.

The panel was made up of some pretty cool people.  Joe acted as moderator to me, author and podcaster in his own right Keith DeCandido, co-host of The Flopcast Kevin Eldridge, Philip Schweier of ComicBookBin and Batman 66 Bat-Probe writer Geena Phillips.  They were a great group of people and I had a lot of fun.  Be sure to check out what everyone does online and in the real world and everywhere in between!

Next Time:  Yo Joe!


TransformersEpisode 194: Transformers – 30 Years At The Eye of the Storm Panel

Thanks to the awesome Gary Mitchel and Joe Crowe I was on a bunch of panels on the American Sci-fi Classics track at this year’s Dragon Con.  One of those panels was Transformers: 30 Years At The Eye of the Storm, which was all about…well, the Transformers.  It’s kind of in the name. My fellow panelists included Gary, Joe, Shaun Rasado (from the Seancastic podcast), Will Price (also of the Shauncastic podcast) and Noel Wood (who is part of some kind of podcast but I cannot find the info on it but man is he an awesome G.I. Joe cosplayer).  We talked just about everything Transformers over the course of the hour.  Our first experiences with the property, our favorite characters, the comics, the animated series, the animated movie and a whole lot more.  In fact the only thing we don’t talk about is the recent live action films, which is really odd but also really telling.

There’s also a sing-a-long at the end.

No really…there is.

I want to thank Gary and Joe (which I will be doing quite a bit over the next few weeks) for inviting me to be part of this fun panel.  It was great and I hope you all enjoy it.

Next Time: Marvel Movies…not the ones you are probably thinking about.


tumblr_n8itoskoLH1r7epq8o1_1280Episode 193: Dragon Con 2014 Talk With Mike and Shag

One of my favorite parts of Dragon Con is when my semi-regular co-host The Irredeemable Shag and I sit down for an hour or so and talk about the con.  Last year this did not happen as for a variety of reasons that I don’t feel like getting into here Shag wasn’t able to attend the con.  Maybe he was starting a new job.  Maybe he was framed by a crooked sheriff and is now roaming the country righting wrongs with his bad ass martial arts skills.  Maybe he dropped out of sight for a few weeks to help a down and out town reclaim their pride.  Maybe he learned cool break dancing skills to help some kids keep a community center open.  I don’t know.

Shag is everything to everyone.  At least that’s what the contract we have says I have to say about him.

Anyway, we spend an hour or so talking about what we had been doing at con up to that point.  What panels did we attend?  What panels was I on?  What comics did I buy?  Why does Shag insist I hate a show when I have never said anything about it good or bad?  We also discuss the changes that Dragon Con has gone through over the past few years and about whether or not it will really be for us anymore.  It was a fun conversation and, as always, be sure to check out Shag’s blog Firestorm Fan, the podcasts he hosts with Rob Kelly and others through the Fire and Water Podcast Network and that new blog he just won’t shut up about The Legion of Super-Bloggers.

Next Time: More Than Meets The Eye!  I was on a Transformers panel and I recorded that bad boy.


tumblr_n8itoskoLH1r7epq8o1_1280Episode 192: Dragon*Con E-Mails

Back in late August the wife and I attended Dragon*Con 2014 and a fun time was had by all.  Seriously.  Everyone looked like they were having a good time.  This episode is the first in a number of episodes I’ll be releasing in the weeks to come that were recorded while I was at Dragon*Con.  Some of these will be panels I was on.  One will be Shag and I doing our usual con talk.  This time, however, the subject is entirely up to you.  In between all of the fun and walking through huge crowds and hanging out with friends and drinking alcohol I managed to snag a few hours to go through the e-mails and feedback I have received over the past nine months.  I am terrible about responding to all of the e-mails and such and I could have filled another hour with the comments left here at the home base for Views but I did want to at least try to get to your comments and questions.

So sit back, relax and hear what you the listeners have to say about the episodes that have come out this year.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  It will become a part of you.

Or something like that.

Next Time: The Irredeemable Shag and I record live in the same room and tell you more about what we did at the 2014 Dragon*Con!


Episode 191- Forever EvilEpisode 191: Forever Evil

It might seem odd that I would want to cover this event several episodes after Andy Leyland and I talked about the pros and many cons of the New 52 but my muse is kind of strange and often makes no sense.  The thing is that while I definitely had some problems with the story I rather liked Forever Evil as it was coming out.  So did my guest for this episode, Stephen Lacey.  Stephen is a blogger and podcaster in his own right, most notably as the co-host of The Fantasticast.  I’ve know Stephen for years and while he was guested on another show I do this is his first time on Views.  Because of that we kick off the episode by listening to how Stephen got into comics.  After that we launch into the build up to Forever Evil, the main story that took place over seven issues, the tie-in issues of Justice League and Justice League of America and we even touch on some of the tie-in mini-series that I couldn’t be bothered to read.

I’d like to thank Stephen for sitting in with me on this episode and be sure to check out he and Andy talking about the Fantastic Four from the beginning.

Next Time: E-Mails!  From DragonCon!


AvengersEpisode 190: The Busiek/Perez Avengers!

And there came a day…a day…well, a day like a bunch of others…when a collection Earth’s mightiest podcasters united together against the common threat of boredom.  And on that day…the Avengers were discussed!

Dramatic enough?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I sat down with Van Allen Plexico (noted author and co-host of the White Rocket Podcast and the AU Wishbone Podcast, Joe Crowe (one of the directors of the American Sci-Fi Classic track at DragonCon and high muckity muck at RevolutionsSF) and Gary Mitchel (not an old friend of Jim Kirk but another director for the American Sci-Fi Classics track at DragonCon and co-host of the RevCast) to talk about the first three issues of the Kurt Busiek/George Perez run on the Avengers!  We also reveal Joe and Gary’s comic book origins, discuss the rest of the Busiek/Perez run on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, relate an almost scary incident from last year’s DragonCon, go over why Ultron is scary, touch on why Van was justifiably upset at Iron Man 3, gush over Marvel’s movie success and a whole lot more.

I wanted to thank Van for coming back to the show and Joe and Gary for coming on for the first time.  They are welcome back any time.  If you are heading to DragonCon this year be sure to check out the American Sci-Fi Classics track.  It is a lot of fun and you never know what’s going to happen between panels.

Next time: FOREVER EVIL!!!!


Episode 187Episode 189: Hal’s In The Basement Mixin’ Up The Medicine, Ollie’s On The Pavement Thinkin’ ‘Bout The Guv’Ment

There are a select few super-hero comics that have risen to the status of historic.  Usually these comics either introduce a new concept, a new character, break new ground and in some cases change the way stories are told.  I think it is fair to say that the run of comics that began with Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 fits all of those descriptions.  Because of this and because it seemed like a good way to spend a few hours my semi-regular co-host Andy Leyland and I sat down and talked about the time when the space cop and the activist stopped fighting super-villains (at least for a few issues) and saw America for what it was (at least for a few issues).  We discuss corrupt businessmen, folk singing, Native American rights, feminism, spooky little girls with Nixon looking guardians, over population, racism and how a man can lose everything and still find something worth living for.  We also talk about “that scene”.

And we don’t even make fun of it.

Here’s a quick reminder that Andy hosts a plethora of other shows including Hey Kids Comics with his son Micheal, The Fantasticast with Stephen Lacey, Listen to the Prophets with Shawn Engel and Paul Spataro and the Palace of Glittering Delights all by his lonesome.  Be sure to check those shows out if you haven’t already because they are keen.



LSH 004Episode 188: Legion Talk

This time out I am joined by the first semi-regular co-host Shag (the IRREDEEMABLE Shag) to talk about the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Recently I have finally “gotten” the Legion for the first time in my collecting life and I thought it would be fun to talk this out with Shag.  Along the way we go over our respective histories with the Legion, a basic history of the property itself, our favorite runs, some of the sillier aspects of the team’s history and the “tragic” story of an issue of the Five Year Later Legion of Super-Heroes series that I could not find and what happened when I finally did.  More than anything we wanted to celebrate and discuss one of the most important aspects of the DC Universe.

Be sure to stick around after the end credit music.  There’s some fun to be found there.

Shag co-hosts a number of other podcasts as well as running a website.  The website is Firestorm Fan, which is dedicated to…well, Firestorm as it is right in the name.  Shag also co-hosts the Fire and Water Podcast as well as some of the side projects through that network including Who’s Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe (both with Rob Kelly) and The Hero Points Podcast (with Siskoid).  If you like Dr. Who check out Shag’s appearances over on Who True Freaks!

Next time: Andy is back to discuss the classic O’Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow run!


Captain America- Ideal TPBEpisode 187: Patriotic Vamperism

Originally this was supposed to be a Legion themed episode with Shag.  Life got in the way and because this is an episode celebrating July 4th I kind of had to get it out now.  The Shag episode is coming soon, though, so have no fear.

Anyway, this time out I celebrate the Fourth of July by talking about three awesome issues of Captain America!  And I’m not alone!  With me is Permanent Semi-Regular Co-Host Andrew Leyland because when I think of celebrating America’s independence I think of having someone on from the UK!  After an interesting discussion on the military history of our families we get into three issues of the utterly amazing (I will not hear any argument on this) Roger Stern/John Byrne run of Cap.  In issues 253 and 254 Steve Rogers receives a coded message from one of his World War II colleagues to come to England right quick.  It seems that one of their old enemies, Baron Blood, is back in action!  So you have vampires, Captain America and the return of Union Jack!  What more could you want?  Well how about the best re-telling of Cap’s origin ever in Captain America #255?  If your answer is, “That sounds amazing!” then you would be right!

Cap fighting vampires!  Cap fighting stick up artists!  Cap fighting Nazis!  These stories have it all!

Here’s a quick reminder that Andy hosts a plethora of other shows including Hey Kids Comics with his son Micheal, The Fantasticast with Stephen Lacey and the Palace of Glittering Delights all by his lonesome.  Be sure to check those shows out if you haven’t already because they are keen.

Next time:  Shag.  Me.  The Legion of Super-Heroes.  Promise.