Episode 124: Superman: Secret Origin Part 1

Again, it may be a few days late but presented here is the first in a two part conversation that I had with fellow Superman podcaster J. David Weter about Superman: Secret Origin, the six issue mini-series written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank.  After David gives his comic book and Superman origins we dive right into the first issue and stay there, thanks to a few healthy tangents, for well over an hour.  The tangents are all Superman related, however, so it should all flow pretty well together.  After that we get into issues two and three and while we don’t exactly hack the series to pieces we don’t pull any punches either.

David is the host of Superman Forever Radio as well as acting as the webmaster of the Superman Forever blog, both of which can be found by clicking here.  You can also find the show over at the Superman Podcast Network.

Next time: The second part of our conversation.  It is about an hour shorter than this one, I promise.


Episode 106: End of an Era(s)

A surprise episode for both you the audience and me the host because I really didn’t expect to sit down and record it, but I had some things on my mind recently with the closing of my comic shop, so here’s about an hour’s worth of audio talking about that and a few other bits of business related to that.  For those of you who have missed the show I do apologize and during the course of the episode I explain what you can expect from the show in the near future.  As always thanks for listening and thanks for your patience as I get my ducks in a row to get this show back on track.


Episode 103: The Gerry Conway Interview

It’s a big episode this week, folks!  Not only does the Irredeemable Shag return to his semi-regular co-host spot but also we got to “sit down” and have a two hour conversation with a writer that pretty much embodied the word prolific in the seventies and eighties.  Gerry Conway joins us and in those two hours we only scratched the surface of his career in comics and television.  What we did cover was choice however and we get some behind the scenes info on the creation of Firestorm, Steel: The Indestructible Man, Justice League Detroit, the Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man special, DC during the Explosion and Implosion and much, much more.  We even get to talk some Law and Order: Criminal Intent, which was really cool because I am a huge fan of that show.

I would like to thank Gerry once again for taking the time to do this interview and a big thank you to Shag for setting it up.

At one point towards the end of the interview Gerry  mentions Phillip Jose Farmer’s Wold Newton Universe and Shag suggested putting a link to something about that in the show notes.  Well here you go. Check it out because it is quite fascinating.  Scroll down a bit past the ad to find the content.

Next week: Zach (a.k.a. Spideydude) and I talk the Clone Saga.  Well, Zach talks the Clone Saga and I chime in once in a while.


Episode 101: The Not New, Pretty Much the Same Views From The Longbox

At last!  After nearly two months Views is back with what I should call the cursed episode because I have had a good number of problems getting this episode out to you not the least of which was discovering the 40 seconds of the intro had somehow disappeared in the compressed version of the audio.  Anyway I am back and this week is kind of a catch-up type episode that starts with an apology and a few podcasting recommendations, which include Crisis on Infinite Comics and Amazing Spider-Man Classics.  Then I give a few thoughts on J Michael Straczynski writing Superman and what really has me worried about Christopher Nolan taking on the Superman franchise.  Finally I start to catch up on the Ask Mike questions and the e-mails.  All in about an hour and a half with a new end theme that I really like, though I am curious as to what y’all might think of it so let me know on that.

The good news is that despite being very late with this episode I have four in the can, so there should be at least five straight weeks of Views.  Thanks be to all who have stuck in there and been patient with me.  I do appreciate it.


Views From Sector 666: Final Installment

Presenting the final installment of Views From Sector 666.  It seemed like a good idea at the time but frankly I just lost all interest in DC as a company soon after recording this audio and Blackest Night was one of the casualties.  The thing is I had a ball recording with Thomas Deja and the Irredeemable Shag, so I couldn’t just let this episode remain in the Phantom Zone.

It is a packed two and a half hours of comic book fun this time out as we look at the third month of Blackest Night.  We discuss, in order, Blackest Night #3, Green Lantern Corps #40, Blackest Night: Batman #2, Blackest Night: Superman #2, Blackest Night: Titans #2 and Green Lantern #45.  The commentary is both fast and furious and everyone has some ranting time.

Oh, and Shag TOTALLY calls the White Lantern thing.  I mean he freaking nails it.

Thomas Deja hosts or co-hosts two podcasts.  Better In The Dark is the movie cast that he hosts with Derrick Ferguson and DJ’s Comics Cavalcade that he hosts all by his lonesome.

Shag has two excellent blogs.  Once Upon a Geek is his week daily blog that covers all things geek.  Firestorm Fan may not be daily but Shag updates it frequently and if you are a fan of the Nuclear Man this is the blog for you.

Next week: Episode 101 where either I learn that I love Big Brother and that I always loved Big Brother or I read a bunch of e-mails.  It’s a fifty/fifty shot really.

EPISODE 99: 1999 or “RACHEL”

Episode 99: 1999 or “Rachel”

At last!  The final part of the 13 part series where I look at the early years of me collecting comic books and boy is it a long one.  I have no idea why.  I just had a lot of stuff to talk about for this year and it’s nearly a fifty/fifty split between comic book stuff and meeting the love of my life, Rachel.  Comics covered in this episode include the “Superman Rex” arc, Titans, Superboy, Supergirl, Young Justice, getting my first letter published in a comic, JLApe, Day of Judgment, the new Superman creative team and much, much more.

I mention a handful of images and pictures in this episode and directed listeners to come here to see them.  The first is a side-by-side of Goth from the Titans series and Marilyn Manson from the cover of the Mechanical Animals.

And here are the two pictures of the “Fantastic Four” from that year.

From left to right; me, Ryan, Eric and Andy.

Next week: Episode 100.  The world might never be the same.


Views From The Lonbox Christmas 2009 Special

Here it is, folks!  The 2009 Christmas episode of Views.  While it wasn’t the epic special I wanted it to be I think it turned out pretty good.  The year I chose three stories from the DC Universe Christmas trade paperback from 2000 to discuss and have some fun with.  First we go to the 30th Century and see how Superboy pushes his own agenda on the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Then we travel to the Old West and see how Bat Lash doesn’t miss a detail.  Finally we go to the Golden Age of comic books and witness Superman’s Christmas Adventure.  During all of this we have Christmas music from Frank Sinatra, John Denver, Mannheim Steamroller, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the Muppets!  Finally I have a special surprise…a Christmas classic that was a lot of fun to record.

I hope you like what I have produced and more importantly I hope you have a very Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you choose to celebrate!

Take care!


Episode 97 Part 2: 1997 or “The Single Life”

The end is nigh…at least of this thirteen part series looking back at my misspent youth leading up to the epic, epic, EPIC episode 100.  This week Shag and I wrap up (if talking for two hours can be called “wrapping it up”) the year 1997.  We kick things off with talking up the films Men in Black, Batman and Robin, Spawn and Steel.  If you can make it through that then the comic talk and personal reminisces starts in earnest as we discuss such things as Heroes Return, Faces of the DCU, New Year’s Evil, Superman Red/Superman Blue, how my sister messed things up for me and this girl I really like,  how I screwed things up for myself with a rather attractive lady, the return of Lex Luthor: Bad Ass Villain, why Superman Secret Files and Origins #1 was so damn important (at least to me) and much, much more.

As usual you can check out Shag’s Internet content at Once Upon a Geek and Firestorm Fan.  If you haven’t checked these blogs out yet do so now.

Next week: The Christmas Episode.  I hope.  It is going to be kind of low key but I that’s the sort of mood I’m in this year.



Episode 97 Part 1: 1997 or “The Single Life”

We’re nearing the end folks and this week I am joined once again by my semi-regular co-host The Irredeemable Shag and because we can’t get together without running our mouths for at least three hours I am splitting this one up into two easier to digest segments.  In this first part I break down how I spent most of my nights and weekends in 1997, which includes a run in with a madame…yes, that sort of madame.  In addition Shag and I talk Electro-Blue Superman, how my comic collection got horribly out of control, how I got the Peter David run of the Hulk, the vomit room, the Pulp Heroes (DC’s 1997 Annual event), The Kents, Secret Files and Origins, the death of Wonder Woman, the new Golden Age Wonder Woman, how Shag didn’t like Superboy and the Ravers and  the first appearance of Arrowette.

Come back on Friday for the exciting and maybe even dramatic conclusion.

As usual you can check out Shag’s Internet content at Once Upon a Geek and Firestorm Fan.  If you haven’t checked these blogs out yet do so now.

See you on Friday.



Episode 96: 1996 or Year One in Georgia

Continuing the 13 part series leading up the to the epic, epic, EPIC episode 100 I tackle yet another year in the life of my collecting life.  1996 was my first full year in Georgia and not only was it an interesting year for me personally there were a lot of good comics as well.  Clark and Lois break up and then get back together again, Gotham is hit by a plague, the rematch between Batman and Bane went down, hero fought hero in Kingdom Come, Onslaught wreaks havoc on the Marvel Universe, Heroes Reborn launches a supposedly new era in Marvel history and the Wedding of the Century happens…twice.  All of this and boatloads of personal anecdotes too.

I have been on a couple of podcasts recently.  Check out Better in the Dark, hosted by Thomas and Derrick.  I was on two episodes of their show to talk Superman.  Also I was on two episodes of Two True Freaks. One episode was a comic related show and the other was all about Indiana Jones.  I had a great time on both of these shows and hope that you check them out.

Come back next week for 1997 and hopefully the Irredeemable Shag.